Why science blogs fail to create an impact ?

Many of us have great interest towards Science and technology.  Personally, I love to read about the latest inventions happening across the globe. I do follow many science blogs for supporting my research and other activities that I do.

But, I have seen many bloggers who fail to create an impact through their science blog. What all could be the possible reasons?  Why science blogs fail to create impact?

I took some time to read some science blogs in the blogging networks I follow and had made some observations.

These observations were very interesting and I guess these could be the possible reasons for which science blogs fail to create an impact in audience.

  1. They are too scientific

Your niche is science, and it is one great niche to blog about.

But, the major problem with science blogs are, they are not simple enough to digest. A common man when he sneaks in for getting some knowledge, he gets vanished as the content shared never make any sense for him.

Most of the science blog, use scientific terms directly without giving a mention what it is and what all could be the possible dimensions of it.

Science blogger, over estimate the users and their knowledge. They believe that, their users are quipped enough to understand the thoughts they are trying to convey.

  1. They fail to create discussions

Many of the science blogs are not blogs! They seem to be like websites sharing some content. There are no discussions happening about the content shared or the views present. All goes like a monotonous radio show happening!

  1. People fear to share it over social media

As, the content shared is too scientific, the number of social shares received for the posts are low.

Many people fail to understand what the author is trying to convey and they fear to promote the same. Since, no active promotions are happening, the content becomes less visible and the views expressed never creates an impact in people.

  1. Too focused

Already, I shared people do have a different attitude towards science blogs. But, when it becomes more focused the content becomes too much specific. For example, I have seen people blogging about chemistry. There is nothing bad in blogging about chemistry. But, only a few people will be interested in reading the content shared through the blog.

Further, the number of readers generated will be less.

  1. Poor organization

Even, the content is good, I have seen many science blogs with poor content organization They just scatter their ideas and becomes difficult for the users to understand the true sense of the content shared.

What do you think? What is you say about science blogs? If these mistakes are corrected will it create an impact?

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