What Impact Has Social Media Truly Had On Society

Social media is one of the greatest blessing of this era. We all use social media for different purposes and we all extract the benefits of it too.

Apart from a simple platform for discussion and debate, social media is the busiest place were people sell, market and find their customers.

Undoubtedly, the impact that social media have created in our life is numerous. I took some time to study more about the various impacts social media have created in our day to day life.

Here are the impacts that social media have created in our life

  1. We became more connected.

Earlier, the only possibility of staying connected with your friends was to be with phone call or post cards. But today the scenario is changed. Am updated with all things happening in life of friends I have made in school days!

We have lot of medium like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter to connect ourselves with them.

Further, we are more connected to our family and relatives. Even if we are in the farthest ends of the world we could stay connected with social media.

2. Marketing

Social media is the favourite hub for people who are into marketing. It is the largest space were people interact with each other and various discussions happen.

Since there are numerous discussions many people make use of these discussions to sell their products. Further, marketers closely watch the various qualities of each user and sell products to them accordingly.

3. Business

Businesses started leveraging the possibilities of social media through various campaigns and branding strategies. Today, the number of campaigns happening in social media is large. It helps business to reach into their potential customers with much ease. Further, business started to understand people and their views.

The active discussions possibilities help businesses to engage more with the users and collect feedback from them. The feedbacks collected could be used in improving their product quality an future designs.

4. Sales

The greatest impact of social media could be seen in the sales of various products. These products could vary from electronic equipments to cinemas!

Recall the sales made by Le1S, a smart phone manufactured by LeTv, a Chinese brand. Even though they were new to Indian market, they successfully ran a campaign and it helped them to reach to great number of audience. The impact of the campaign made through social media was reflected on day one of sales as, all the units were sold out.

Similarly many brands have used social media to increase the sales of their products

So, what do you think? What all are the areas were social media had an impact? Am looking forward to see your suggestions as comments.


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