5 ways to make your event stand out in the crowd

Are you planning for an event? So, what is the event all about?

Certainly, it will be meant for building your brand. But, what happens if the event fail to make a difference?

You will lost your investments, energy and many resources. Most, of the events go unnoticed and fail to create an impact in the audience. Why this happens?

May be the answer to this question lies in the strategies they set for their events. Poor event management, along with commonly used techniques for promotion make the event less attractive and they fail to create an impact in the audience.

So, how can we make an event stand out in the crowd? What all could be some strategies that we could use while designing the event?

Here are some ways that will help you in making your event stand out in the crowd:

  1. Script your event

ebookOnce you have formed your team for the event, you would surely spend time for discussing about the event and the possible strategies that could be adopted in framing the event.

Often, many of the teams fail to create a script for the event and it will adversely affect the event as:

  • Unless you script it, you may forget to follow all the things you have discussed during the meetings.
  • You may get confused during organizing the event, and your script will help you as a reference.
  • When, your event is about to happen, late thinkers may come up with new ideas, leading for further confusion and debate. So if you have a concrete script, you could adhere to it.
  • The motive of the event will be realised with the script

2. Social Media Team

social mediasocial media

Certainly, social media plays a key role in making the event successful. It is evident to all of us. But, what all could be some specific methods that could be used?

Here are some methods that could be followed with all category of events:

  • Profiles in major Social Networks and staying updated there.
  • WhatsApp could be used effectively in promoting the event. For example, create a profile picture that could be used two weeks prior to the event. Once, all of your team mates, change their pictures, it will surely be a matter of discussion among friends.
  • Your YouTube channel also plays an important role in the event. Try sharing videos that could effectively convey the genesis, history and theme of your event.
  • Live streaming is an inevitable part of the event and it attracts more audience and participation.
  • Run Social Media based contests prior to the event. One thing we must ensure is, the theme of the event must be considered for the contests.

3. Have surprises for the audience


Your audience determines the success of your event. Once they like it, your event is a memorable one for them.

So it is very important, that you offer something extra to them. You could have lot of surprises for the attendees. Now, the question will be, what all are the surprises you could offer to the attendees. Here are some:

  • Initially, you must have a clearer picture about the category of people who are attending the event. If it is a mixed category, the you must plan surprises accordingly.
  • You can have a lucky attendee or invitee of the event.
  • For entertainment, you can have flash mobs
  • Try bringing celebrities, without prior notice. Also, try to organize a space for the attendees to spend time with them. May be a late night party with them, or some photo sessions.
  • Offer some gifts to all attendees or some offers which they could make use of.

4. Offer spaces to create memories.

If your event is a memorable one, it is undoubtedly successful one. But, how could we make an event memorable one?

As I have mentioned, we could follow some the methods which I have already mentioned above. Along with that some creative ways like these could be followed :

  • Creating photo frames like these


  • Selfie spots


  • Entertainment zones where attendees could sing, dance and entertain others.
  • Challenge zones were you could challenge others to do activities for prizes.
  • Food zones, were different varieties of foods are served. For example, if you are hosting the event in Europe, try offering a food zone with Asian Foods.

5. Exhibit your brand creatively

Importantly, the prime focus of the event should be your brand. With the event, you must create another bunch of fans for your brand. For this, you must exhibit your brand creatively.

Some things that you could follow during events are:

  • Placing cut outs that describe your brand and its motto.
  • Place a huge timeline of your brand and the products of yours in a hot spot could attract attention to your brand and its genesis.


  • Offer brochures, cut outs, stationeries and goodies to your attendees.
  • Try placing QR Codes linking to different videos about your brand in different places.
  • Placing polls and kiosks will help in collecting user feedback lively and it will also help in listening to your attendees on real time basis.

Summing Up…..

Your investment for an event will be huge, so you must work extremely hard for the returns too. These 5 methods, will evidently help you in hosting an event that will stand out in the crowd.

Along with that, I would love to share a few tips that could be used as toppings:

  • After the event, ensure you personally mail all the attendees, a note of thanks giving. Try sending a card of gratitude to them.
  • Share the images and videos of the event with the attendees through Social Media.

So, what else could be used in making an event stand out in the crowd?

Am looking forward to listen to you all in comments.

Geo Jolly

I am Geo Jolly, a Software engineer by profession and blogger by passion. I also work as freelance digital marketing consultant. As a speaker I have been at many technical conferences and have handled workshops in digital marketing.

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