Ride of a Life Time

Life as an IT professional is habitual and at times frustrating too. If you are a part time blogger, then your work and its nature have a tremendous impact in your blog. The work culture will certainly affect the frequency with which you update your blog. So how can we bring an energy to our profession and blog together?

Is there any methods?

Personally, I worked out some road trips which eventually brought fresh life into my work space and at my blog too.

Your mind, physical strength and attitudes defines your blogging frequency. So how can you re define your attitude to make a difference with your blog?

Then happened the two days’ holidays that brought a new energy to my life.

The ride of a life time.

It was indeed a refreshing holidays which I ever had. It pushed in a new vibe in my life and my team. Like all memorable holidays we had three levels for this ride too.

  1. Pre Ride

16 guys showed up their hands for the trip and we decided it will be a bike trip. We have two full days in our hands and we needed to work out the itinerary like that.

The major discussion was about the destination, the number of halts and lodging.

We worked out a 400KM Bike Ride beginning on Friday night, reaching on morning, spending the whole day and night there, returning back on Sunday morning.

What we focused is to have the coldness of night, the journey through plateaus, hills, villages, highway and towns in day as well as night.

  1. Ride


400KM, 16 Bikers, 8 bikes and we indeed had a ride of life time! We experienced all the warmth which we planned for. In the night, we experienced the cold and while returning we nearly burnt as in the 44-degree temperature. Apart from small accidents in midst and extra stoppages for dehydration and rest, we had a fantastic experience.

  1. Post Ride

After a night rest, we all headed back to office. But, the energy with which we worked on that day onwards were surprising. Even after swiping out at 6PM in evening, we felt fresh and energetic.

The energy got carried out into my blog too. I could easily devote 45 minutes for my blog and social media marketing activities. Slowly, I could push my blog as a part of my life style and slowly making it a habit.

So, what should be an ideal holiday for a blogger?

An ideal holiday for a blogger must

  1. Bring some freshness to his profession if he is not a part time blogger
  2. Should help him to improve on himself, which in turn will help in becoming active with his blog.
  3. Organizing holidays in which your part is more. Say, some bike rides, cycling, boating, kayaking, trekking etc. I have observed Jeff Bullas, taking weekend cycle rides and holidays and picnics habitually.

So, an ideal holiday will change you, mould you for better life. Are you all ready for your holidays?
If yes, how will it be? Can you share your views as your comments ?


Geo Jolly

I am Geo Jolly, a Software engineer by profession and blogger by passion. I also work as freelance digital marketing consultant. As a speaker I have been at many technical conferences and have handled workshops in digital marketing.

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