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How mobile applications have created an impact

There are many mobile applications available in the market. All these applications do help us in many ways.

We have applications that help us to stay connected to our friends in social media and manage connections. We have productivity, lifestyle and gaming applications too.

All these applications had a great impact in our life and it helps to manage our life much better.

In this article, let us closely look the various areas were mobile applications had created a great impact. Often, our lifestyle is shaped up by these applications.

Here are some areas of impact

  1. Finance

Earlier we used to have a dairy to manage our financial details. We may write the income and each day update the status.

But today we have various application that helps us to manage our finance. There are many e wallets that help us to check how we are spending and what all the areas we invest money more. These applications also help us to compare the expenditure and income of every month.

  1. Banking

Gone are the days when we rush to our bank to send money, or to update our pass book. Almost all banks have mobile applications that allows us to send, receive and update the statement with ease.

Further, these applications could be used in recharging the mobile, paying bills too.

  1. Productivity

It is very important to stay productive. Our productivity is measured with the effective ways through which we coordinate our various tasks and complete them on time.

Various to do lists apps are available in the app stores. All these apps help us to save the list of tasks to be completed and they keep on reminding us to complete it.

To some extent they help us to be more productive!

  1. Entertainment

There are numerous applications available in the stores to keep ourselves entertained. There are applications that help us to download movies, listen to songs and watch videos. Further, gaming applications are numerous in number. All these applications keep us entertained.

  1. Social Network

May be it is the most demanded category of applications. Many of us use smartphones to have access to these social networks only. Applications like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram rule the app stores and are in great demand.

  1. Media

Mobile applications have taken control over various media related applications too. We have various applications fro image editing, video editing and camera. All these applications help us to capture moments much better compared to the past times with no applications.

So what is you say about mobile applications. How has is created impact in our life. Could we restrict it into only 6 categories? Do you have any more to suggest?
Please post it in comments.

Please post it in comments.

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