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Impact of mobile computing

Mobile computing has brought lot of revolution in human life. It is one area of research which is getting lot of attention and lot of people are working to develop various computing innovation that will bring revolution in future too.

Do you agree with this fact?

Take a moment to think about the device you are using right now to read my blog post.

You might be using a mobile device!

Yes, the impact of mobile computing is numerous and it grew as an inevitable element of our daily life.  Being a research scholar in mobile computing, I would love to share some interesting areas were mobile computing had great impacts.

Here are those areas

  1. Connectivity

The world is now globally connected to each other. This connectivity could be through internet, intranet or voice. All these are made possible by the mobile computing.

We have options to connect with our family even when we are on travel.

  1. Personal assistants

Earlier we had the habit of keeping personal diaries to keep update with the various things which you are about to do. Further, we used to note down the important events coming in the diary.

Today, the things are changed. Mobile computing brought great revolution by introducing smart phone that could serve as our personal assistants.

These personal assistants are now much personal with voice support. Siri introduced by Apple and Cortana of Microsoft are some commonly used voice assistant.

  1. E Commerce

With the huge production of smart phones, all people have access to internet and mobile based applications. People started to follow the paradigm shift from physical markets to virtual online markets.

Now, we don’t have a shopping day or weekend!

We buy all things which are required for households online. Our dress, grocery, electronics, furniture and food is available online.

This shift is made possible only because of the great innovations happened in mobile cloud computing.

  1. E Learning

Gone are the days when you go to a store and purchase a paper book or text book. The learning environment is revolutionized by the e-learning environment made possible through mobile phones.

With applications students can get connected to their teachers and professors with ease. Further, they could participate in expert forums to explore the answers for their various problems. All this is made possible through the mobile phones.

Along with that, many students sign up for courses that are available online. They dedicate their time to stream the video lectures and interact with the professor’s real time.


The innovations happening in mobile computing are numerous. With the intervention of cloud computing, the field mobile cloud computing is receiving lot of innovative ideas that will bring revolution in future.

So what all are the impacts mobile cloud computing have created in your life?

Please share it as your comments.

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