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Each birthday, I take some time to look back into my life, the road I took and most importantly, the mistakes I made. When I look back into the last 24 years of my life, I am really happy for the amazing journey I had. As always, it is interesting to ponder over the things happened in your life, reflect and revive over the memories. 

My mind quickly flashed some events, which eventually are in turn the most important milestones in my life.  In this post, I share some of them with my readers.

  1. The stage fear !


This happened to me when I was in grade 2. I signed up for an elocution competition organised at Church. My grandfather being a preacher, prepared a short speech which was supposed to be memorised. Being, a bad student, I failed to memorise but went for the competition for name sake. On stage, around 30 people as audience, the fear of stage peeped in and I failed to deliver the speech.

Today, when I think of my first speech, I feel extremely happy for myself. From a fainting kid, I slowly picked myself up and over time I became a confident speaker. Over years, I spoke at different competitions, conferences, seminars, debates and organised workshops in different parts of India.

2. Wings of Fire

During the summer before my Grade 5, I attended a summer camp which asked me to read the book “Wings of Fire”. At that time, I only had the habit of reading comics, sports column of newspaper and obituary page. With some motivation from the camp, I said to myself: I have never ever read a book in my life, but I will read this book.  I kept my word and I had a good time reading the book. (Afterwards, I started to read books occasionally) .

I started to visualise the childhood of mine as that of the author and memorised this:

When I look back,  I slowly improved my learning abilities, started to fight against my limitations and work hard for my dreams. An everything began with one book : Wings of Fire !

3. My First Blog


I began my first blog when I was studying at class 10. I called the blog “The Potent” and started to use scripting languages like html and css for the first time. Slowly, I started to read other blogs, follow tutorials and write blog posts in my blog. In turn I improved my language, writing and reading skills. In short span I got my blog approved for Google Adsense as well.

I am no longer an active blogger. But, it helped me to build lot of new friends, connect with world famous digital marketers, meet them in person and of course, work with different campaigns online and offline. In 2015, after my graduation, blogging served as major source of income for 9 months when I was taking a break from my career.

4. My Love

After a disastrous high school result, I was hopeless, empty and all void.  A month later I decided to go for a 4 days retreat near to my home town. Whole retreat went less interesting and boring, but as I read this word of god : “Taste and see that the lord is good” it started to give a new perspective to my thoughts and life. This short phrase went like a seed into my deserted land. Soon, i felt the rain watering it, and joyfully the harvest.

Even when I had troubles in maintaining a healthy spiritual life, I kept on believing that God is love. Still, the renewal experience I had pops up to make me refreshed and revived when am lost.

5. When Eyes Meet

In the summer of 2012, I was on house visits in a costal region as a part of a programme. One evening, I met a boy who was waiting for his results for Grade 10. He assumed I am well educated and qualified, started to discuss about himself and his studies. We kept on talking and slowly he started to share about his family, how poor he is and about his dreams. In the end, as we are about to say good bye he looked into my eyes with his eyes wet and said “thank you”. All I could offer was a hug.

That day I realised, I could be a much better person to people around me. I could patiently listen and if possible console them in ways I could. It grew as an assurance that money is not everything, you can be joyful without a single penny in your pocket. We managed to arrange a sponsor for his studies and he is about to graduate this year. (Happiness !)

6.  The broken arm

After attending BNLF (Blog Now, Live Forever event, IndiBlogger) 2015 at Mumbai, I was back home 4 days before joining my new job as a cloud solutions tester. Dramatically, I had an accident, got my right elbow fractured and was on bed for two months. Obviously, I lost the job but, I restarted my applications for Two Erasmus Mundus programmes which I was planning to apply from 2014.

Eventually, I prepared my motivation letter, documents during this break and now am part of an Erasmus Mundus programme ! It seems, the broken arm and the pain turned out to be for my best 🙂 (Though, I haven’t recovered it fully)

7. Being on Erasmus

Five friends in convertible car, waving arms in air, rear view

It is been an amazing journey so far. In fact, it is challenging, tough and at times stressful but, the experience of being on Erasmus is enormous. The opportunity to live, visit and know different European cultures, meet people from different parts of the world and learn from them could only be possible with this.

In fact, as I write this blog I feel extremely happy for the blessed life I had. All my sorrow, pain, happiness and joy have moulded me and made me a better person. Over year, I met some amazing people, who taught me the values, showed me how to love and care, helped me in all the means they could. As you read this post, it is also a note of gratitude for your love, care, advise and correction that helped me to evolve as a better person.

All I could say is

“Thank You !”

“Merci Beaucoup”

ഒത്തിരി നന്ദി

Geo Jolly

I am Geo Jolly, a Software engineer by profession and blogger by passion. I also work as freelance digital marketing consultant. As a speaker I have been at many technical conferences and have handled workshops in digital marketing.


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