About Me

I am a Software Engineer, research scholar in mobile cloud computing and digital marketing, blogger, strategist, author, speaker and consultant.

My attitude towards internet got changed seven years back when I began my first blog. Over years, I worked with different companies and brands empowering their digital presence by consistent coaching and strategy setting. As a speaker, I have been to various events speaking about my research and organising workshops in content creation and digital marketing.

I have spent most of my time in discovering and learning the latest trends in Computer Science, Social Media and Digital Marketing. So, this blog is all about Digital Science and Marketing. It includes the present trends in Computer Science, Digital Marketing and some life hacks for marketing specialists. Further, I will assist you all in building a great ‘brand’ in internet and transform your customers into fans.

Research Papers and Publications

  1. Systems Engineering and Blogging
  2. The Cloud Phone
  3. Middleware for Mobile Cloud Computing
  4. Social Intelligence
  5. Empowering digital communication with self learning networks
  6. Tracking criminals with artificial Intelligence

(All publications are available for purchase in the journals )

So if you interested in knowing more about any of these topics or to discuss about the business opportunities then contact me here.