6 reasons why your twitter account doesn’t create an impact

Twttter is a great social networking platform that have helped millions of people to emerge as influencers and great content marketers.

Christoph Trappe is a one person who have been featured at various events for his impactful twitter profile.

Like Christoph there are numerous content marketers that work purely focused on twitter. The greatest strength of these content marketers is their twitter profiles.

But, often we will think, why my twitter profile is not creating any impact? Why I am in an existence mode with no life in twitter?

Eyeing through some facts, many profiles fail to create an impact only because of some mistakes which they never cared for.

Here are some mistakes that you will make your twitter profile less impactful:

  1. Your profile picture

Are you using a low quality image in as your profile picture? Then, your profile is going to be less impactful to the visitors.

Since, it is not a professional network, twitter do not demand the usage of profile pictures with professional dress or appearance. But, all that they demand is, your picture must be of high quality.

  1. Cover Photo

It is space where you brand yourself and showcase your brand. You must posses an impressive cover image, so that It creates some impact in the mind of the visitor. You cover image should be well designed and should speak about yourself and your niche.

Your twitter profile may fail to create an impact because you haven’t got a good cover image that is impressive.

  1. Update cycle

When you have been to twitter last time?

Unless you are regularly updated, your twitter account wont creates any impact. Twitter is one platform, which loves people who are constantly updating their time line with tweets.

  1. You are not informative

Great content marketers, build their twitter profile by following these. They try to be as informative as possible and try to attract many followers.

If you are not informative with your tweets, then no body will care to spend time on your profile.

  1. You don’t share images

Twitter is not about characters; it loves images too. Impactful twitter profile composes of tweets which included images. Often I have heard some marketers speaking about the importance of sharing images through your profile as it creates more impact compare to normal tweets.

  1. You are not crisp

Twitter is not a space for dramatic descriptions or long stories. Twitter loves people who shares information in simple and short sentences.

You will never create an impact in twitter unless, you are crisp with your tweets. Initially, I too struggled to master this art. But, slowly constant practice helped me to tweet better each day.

Summing Up..

Your twitter profile could bring revolution to your life. Effective content marketing could be done ease with your twitter profile. But, you must ensure you avoid these mistakes in your twitter profile.

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Geo Jolly

I am Geo Jolly, a Software engineer by profession and blogger by passion. I also work as freelance digital marketing consultant. As a speaker I have been at many technical conferences and have handled workshops in digital marketing.

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