4 reasons that makes Quora special

We all are humans, and by nature we ask questions.

I still recall the statement my father used to make: “As a kid you asked questions on each and everything he did“.

Yes, I think, asking questing and pondering over the answers is a great way to enhance of our knowledge.

And, undoubtedly, we all love to increase our knowledge. This constant desire to ask questions and find answers were seen in Internet too.

Initially, Yahoo answers received great participation, but, these days Quora is emerging as a favourite social media among many.

I too spend time with Quora and frequently receive these questions, What is special with Quora? Why should we join it?


Here, I share reasons that make Quora special.

  1. Get answered from the best

I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers which can’t be questioned

I still recall the day when I asked to my lecturer about social media during a lecture in Distributed Systems.

Oops, I got the weirdest answer for the question.

The best thing about Quora is you receive the best answers from the best people in the category of question you asked.

Here is a screenshot about a question answered about Instagram, which was answered by its CEO !


It doesn’t matter what category you are speaking about, but you will have the best answers for your questions here.

2. Appreciation for being ‘YOU’


You might posses lot of knowledge, ideas and creativity. But, it may go unnoticed and appreciated. Often, many people step back only because they haven’t received any appreciation for their personality.

Yes, Quora is the best place to get the appreciation you were seeking for. You answers may emerge as the best, and will evidently receive upvotes and many views.

All these, help you to grow, build your confidence and share your views openly and freely.

3.Showcase your business


At quora you have the space to browse through various topics. These topics could be used effectively in showcasing your business.


Imagine you own a cosmetic product. Obviously, there will be many questions regarding these in Quora.

A good search will help you in finding the apt question for you, and with your answer you could share your personal experience and feedback received from customers to people who are asking questions regarding the same.

So what is the end result?

You share in detail about your product and you may get some more customers for your business.

4. Emerging as an Influencer in you niche


Are you planning for emerging as influencer in your niche? I have already discussed the various methods to race ahead as an influencer here.

Quora is one possible method to build your value to emerge as an influencer. Your answers in your niche determines the visibility you get for your profile.

Once, your answers prove to be commendable and worthy, people will start following you for knowing more about you. As you grow consistent, your social profiles, blog and websites get a new vibe which will help you to emerge as an influencer in your niche.

Many people are treated as experts in certain niche for the answers they are giving for queries in their niche.

Here is one action plan which you could follow:

The whole story..


It is one platform that you could use effectively to market your content, knowledge and brand your business for better sales.

So what do you think? What all ways Quora is special for you?

Am looking forward to read your responses as comments.

Geo Jolly

I am Geo Jolly, a Software engineer by profession and blogger by passion. I also work as freelance digital marketing consultant. As a speaker I have been at many technical conferences and have handled workshops in digital marketing.

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