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3 Steps for being peppy blogger

We always love all those who are lively and spirited. It never matters it is virtual or real, but we love those who are peppy. Being a blogger it is never easy to keep yourself lively and spirited. When ever a blogger loses its freshness and spirit the blog also lose the same.  This lose of peppiness will surely take down readers from your blog too. But, some steps could be taken to keep your blog fresh and spirted always.

Initially, I began the blog with lots of expectations and hopes. But like all, I too lost the initial spark which killed my blog. Then I started working on some strategies which helped me to stay peppy through out.  Here are some strategies that will keep you peppy in your long race.

  1. Blog in the morning.

Successful bloggers claim that blogging early keeps you fresh. At morning, you are alone with your blog and you are free of all other hindrances. No body is there to disturb you when you are creating content. Further, your thoughts are fresh and new ideas flows as you are creating content. The concentration level of your work is also high when you are blogging early in the morning.

The quality of content also improves when you are fresh. Great bloggers produce great content early morning.

  1. Self Discovery


Often many bloggers have failed to discover the niche. To keep yourself peppy in the long race, you must re do the self discovery. A simple self discovery work sheet includes three questions.

  • What am I passionate about?
  • On which topic can I write 500 words effortless?
  • What keeps me entertained?

The answer to these questions will give your niche. Once you have determined your niche, try writing more content on the same. This will keep your blog peppy.

  1. Read more

Reading more will help you to stay updated in the long race. To keep your blog peppy, as an author you must try reading similar blogs with same niche. This expands the knowledge base of yours and give great content ideas. Further, your content delivery style will improve each day as you read.

You can workout a reading schedule for your day. It is always better to use some mobile apps to read blogs. This will help you to have access to your favorite blog wherever you go.

These three methods are highly effective. A successful blogger repeat this course again and again to keep them fresh and spirited. May be, if your try this for the next thirty days then you will notice the changes in your blog.

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Geo Jolly

I am Geo Jolly, a Software engineer by profession and blogger by passion. I also work as freelance digital marketing consultant. As a speaker I have been at many technical conferences and have handled workshops in digital marketing.


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