Ride of a Life Time


Life as an IT professional is habitual and at times frustrating too. If you are a part time blogger, then your work and its nature have a tremendous impact in your blog. The work culture will certainly affect the frequency with which you update your blog. So how can we bring an energy

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The self discovery

I decided to go for a hike in the woods surrounding my house on Sunday. The woods were quiet; if you listened you could the music of wind whistling through the trees. I chose to live away from the city so that I would be able to listen to the sounds of the wind and water. The weather was absolutely fanstastico, clear blue sky and a peppy breeze to lighten things further. I packed a couple of sandwiches, some juice and an apple in my backpack for lunch. I intended to come back by evening. I had with me, a book that I had recently purchased. I wanted to read in my favorite spot inside the woods, besides the tinkling musical waters of the stream. I started walking. I was wearing hiking shoes that crunched the twigs and dry leaves on the ground as I walked. I heard something behind me and turned back. There are was no one. Perhaps I had imagined the noise. Continue Reading